Control of the Injection Molding Process


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Equipment manufacturers offer microprocessor control systems and software packages with their injection molding machines. These can be very simple, such as an individual control on a press to monitor and control cure time/cure temperature/ mold pressure. At the other extreme are systems integrating the monitoring and control of several machines, providing data for SPC and plant information systems, such as maintenance planning, optimal machine use, recording data, etc.

There are a number of cure simulation and control systems available from companies that are not equipment manufacturers. One of the first was the FillCalc system from RAPRA Technologies, which, unfortunately is no longer being marketed. Others are Smart Trac from Signature Control Systems, the Vacam System from Vacan Ltd, and Sigmasoft from Sigma Engineering.

Rubber processors are demanding still more automation of the injection molding process to improve consistency and reduce labor costs. Once again, the thrust is for lower costs and higher quality.

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