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Ethylene propylene rubber is an integral part of industry which has high resistive capacity against electricity, ozone, chemicals and is capable of sustaining good flexibility.
EPR also called EPDM is an Excellent General purpose rubber. Excellent resistance to heat, cold, ozone, and ultraviolet light.
This makes an excellent material for outdoor applications. Also has excellent chemical resistance. Excellent electrical and dynamic properties.
Not oil resistant. Tensile strength of 800 PSI. Durometer 60 +/-5.
Temperature range: -20F to 220F.
All EPDM grades come in a measure of hardness (durometer) as soft as 40 duro. And as hard as 80 duro.
  • * Excellent resistance to ozone, sun, and oxygen
  • * Excellent resistance to acids, alkali, and ketones
  • * Excellent heat resistance and aging
  • * Overall temperature range of -20F to 220F.

EPDM Materials

EPDM Gaskets Materials

EPDM Gasket

EPDM Gaskets Materials